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Are you curious?

If you answered, “about what?” then yes, you ARE. Curious about how you can be the best version of yourself. Curious about how to get to the “soul line,” not the “goal line.” Maybe you’re stuck in your career, in your relationship, in grief…or how about, “stuck but I don’t know what I’m stuck in.”

Essenza Coaching can help identify the blockages to your true joy in this precious life by identifying:

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  • What’s working? And what isn’t?
  • What do you wish every day that you don’t have?
  • Why have you not achieved it yet?
  • How do you even start? And once you start, how do you stick to it so you get “there.”
The famous saying goes: “there is no THERE there.” Indeed, life is a process, an ongoing exploration of what our mind is telling us, and what is REAL. How does the ego get in the way of potentiality in all areas of life?

My work with Pamela fortified me with the clarity and confidence I needed to make career decisions that I hadn’t been able to declare prior. The value of my investment cannot be quantified. I highly recommend working with Pamela.

⁠— Essenza Coaching Client