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This year is gonna be different! Or?

Wow… now THAT was a year. Right? How to shift into the new year… that’s a big question. One thing we learned is that there is no way to predict the future… had we known on January 1 2020 what lay before us… we would probably all have run to a desert island somewhere. And, conversely, looking back, well, nothing we could have done about that now. So here we are.

As we go into 2021, I’m being called to “surrender.” I know… sounds like you think I mean “give up.” Not at all. Surrender is the act of allowing life to unfold, events to happen, shit to go down, every day, and not get taken down with it. It’s the ability to roll with the punches, stand tall and strong, no matter how hard the wind is blowing.

There’s only one way to really surrender. That is being in the present. Think about it. Think about how much stress and anxiety we bring ourselves by focusing on the past, wishing things had been different, wishing WE had done things differently. Then, think about the fear we bring into our lives, pondering what has not yet happened, and ironically, most of what we ponder won’t actually happen.

I have never wanted to commit to a meditation practice. Ugh. Sitting quietly and focusing my mind sounds horrible. However, through my coaching training I’ve gone over the fence to the other side. I’m not very good at it. Ooops, there’s the judgement, and the “wishing I could do it differently.” But the truth is, this is how I do it…sort of half way still, as I’m getting used to this training not to think all the time, and not to think about thinking all the time! So, when I get restless and twitchy, which happens after about 10 seconds (it used to be after 5 seconds, so hey, that is progress!), I just gently tell myself “let go, just BE, just BE for just a little bit.” And then, a little bit longer, and a little bit more…and wow…it becomes a habit. Which is what a “practice” is. It’s the action of making something a habit.

So as you go into this new year, think about what you have been holding on to – anger, hurt, ruefulness? And, how are you looking at this year, with excitement about opportunities, or with fear? How much of that past can you change? Nothing! How much of the future can you control? Nothing! But, by surrendering to the “what is” rather than holding on to the “what was” or “what may be”, you give yourself the gift of BEING. Just being in the now. For now. Try it.

Curious about how to develop the practice of surrender? Let’s have a conversation.